Professor   Ferry   Boudaghi  ,                                                                                                                                 

born   ( 01.01.1958 )


Elementary School in  Mazandaran Province  &  Kermanshah Province                                   Academic High School in  Kermanshah Province &  Mazandaran Province  Language Institute of the Iran-American Society  &   German Institute   in Tehran Province  &  Kermanshah Province                                                              

Qualifying examination  for studies abroad in Europe & USA                                        

1975-1977   Study of physics at THA University

1977-1988  Studies, graduation and habilitation in physics, psychology, medicine, as well as diploma degrees in International law and International  economy of the  HHD University

Academic on the sectors of research & development at the Universities  Germany, Austria , USA  for several years Doctorate supervisor & advisor at the Universities, Germany, Austria, USA Afterwards he worked for the company REW on the sector of atom physics and for the Company “ Johnson International”, as well as “JC Controls” on the sector of research & development.                                                                                                                                           

Afterwards establishment of  own banks  “STRATAGE” ,  “PARS BANK”,  “AIDEN”    and  Finance Academy  in   Germany,  Belgium, Luxembourg, USA .                                                              At the same time, he worked as an Academic Advisory Council in the Board of Directors of several well-known concerns, groups, trusts, as well as for public personalities.                                                                                                                       At present he is in the Board of Directors & shareholder of the Corporation PARS  International,  AIDEN  and  FIT   in USA , Europe, UAE .                                                                               He is founder of “IAOS-International Academy”, as well as of “ PARS - Frankfurt L. Holding”  and “ PARS - E. Frankfurt Holding”.                                                                                                       Also, he is founder of the “RD Foundation” and “RC  Charity Foundation” in Europe.                                                                                                                                    He is founder of the first office of   R-Charity-Foundation in Europe & USA .                                              He supports the Welfare-Organization in Iran, as well as the first association of mentally handicapped persons and blind people in the  World.                                                                                   He is founder of the “International Friendship Association” in Europe.                                                           He is member of the International  “Medecins sana” “ PARSYOPHAR” - Organisation.

Academic Title  and  Academic degree :   


Professor Doctor ( Medicine ) ,  Professor Doctor   ( Science ) , Prof. Dr.    Atomphysik,  Psychology, Psychiatrie , International economics, International law , Political Sociology


Hallo, was würde denn ein Jahresbeitrag für eine Familie bei euch kosten?

Gibt es eine Aufnahmegebühr und was kostet das Scchießen bei euch. Würde gerne mit einer Großkaliberpistole bei euch schießen.

LG G.K.Schütze 


23 Feb 2019;
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